Mr. Alan Collepardi is the principal of the firm. His thirty years of real estate industry experience includes cost segregation, commercial appraisal, acquisition due diligence; property disposition, real estate brokerage, leasing and property management.


The following are representative of our firm's project property type experience:

Office and Retail Facilities
Hotels and Restaurants

Apartment Complexes

Shopping Centers and Malls

Supermarkets and Pharmacies

Banking Facilities
Casinos and Recreational Facilities
Country Clubs and Golf Course Facilities'
Dairy and Food Processing Plants
Senior and Assisted Living Facilities
Manufacturing, Warehouse and Distribution Facilities
Newspaper Publishing Facilities and Outdoor Media
Unique, Historic, and monumental Buildings

During his professional career, Mr. Collepardi has been a Senior Manager in the valuation practice at KPMG, LLP; and a Senior Appraiser in the Construction Analysis Group at American Appraisal Associates. Mr. Collepardi has served as VP-Director of Commercial Real Estate Appraisal, Review, and OREO Disposition at First Eastern Bank, NA. 

As a Registered Architect he has compiled experience in building design, construction project management, land planning, construction cost estimating, property inspection and condition assessment.

Mr. Collepardi received his Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. His education credits also includes an Associate Degree in Architectural Engineering and Real Estate. He is a Registered Architect (RA) in the State of Pennsylvania and former member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

He is also a Certified General Real Property Appraiser in the State of Florida ( RZ064565) and former Senior  Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).