EASTERN VALUATION ASSOCIATES offes a range of appraisal services for financing, estate planning and tax appeal purposes. Our clients include commercial, industrial, and multi-family participants who are buying, selling or leasing real property.

A typical valuation report renders an estimate of value for the interest appraised. It is derived through accepted methods, as of the effective date of the report. The function our valuation reporting is to assist our clients in the decision making process related to the property, many who have issues related to tax planning, sale/purchase, leasing, estate planning, property tax appeal, or domestic settlements.

The scope of our typical engagement work includes field observation, property analysis and an estimate of value derived through the cost, sales and income approaches.  

Full Narrative Appraisal
Limited Scope Appraisal
Full and Partial Interest
Lease Fee and Leasehold Interest
Fair Market Rent
Equity Value
Insurable Value
Third Party Review

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure
Divorce Litigation
Estate or Probate Settlements
Insurance Losses
Legal Disputes
Property Tax Appeals