PROPERTY CONDITION ASSESSMENT is a useful survey tool for both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Our service is designed to provide clients with reliable, third-party property condition assessment for repair, replacement and reserve allowances. The work process includes identification of building and site deficiencies and provides an estimate of the cost to repair. The service also addresses anticipated repair costs for deteriorating items. This includes a determination of the potential replacement that might be required for major and minor building components during a loan, lease or other type holding period.

Property owners use this replacement reserve cost analysis to support financial decisions and cash flow forecasting, as well as to help outline overall maintenance procedures.

Additionally, these studies are used for due-diligence support by purchasers or finance agencies because the studies provide information about what future building expense and investment might be expected for the property.

Clients include those active in real estate ownership as well as others whose main business focus may not be real estate, but who own substantial real estate because of the nature of their business, i.e. manufacturing, retail, distribution, health-care, and hospitality.

Our professionals have extensive experience assisting real estate lenders and investors to recognize the magnitude of repairs and reserves that may be required to service specific real estate assets, as well as entire real estate portfolios. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with this real estate investment service.